GIS Mapping

GIS Mapping

Get to market faster and determine expansion plans

Geocoding, as well as census tracts and blocks, can help you easily identify potential service areas or locations of customers for network or market development planning.

Inteserra’s GIS Service Subscriptions enables you to determine a location’s applicable county, census tract and census block for reporting or verification purposes. Geocoding of addresses enables Inteserra to plot your customer locations on maps for easy visualization of service areas or customer concentrations.




GIS Service Subscriptions

Available month-to-month, and in 6-or 12-month terms, GIS subscriptions include:

  • FCC ILEC Lookup Tool and Study Area Boundaries Map
  • Connect America Fund Phase II (CAFII) Competitive Auction Block Map

For an additional fee, Inteserra also can customize and overlay your individual company data, including FCC Form 477 results, or include the census geography map showing all states, counties, tracts and blocks for the entire United States.

bUild a Customized Subscription with a Consultant

See our CAF II Auction Map Demo


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